Spruce Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection Services Keep Kids in Classrooms

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COVID-19 has created new expectations for cleaner public places, meaning more focus on disinfecting, sanitizing and deep cleaning areas frequently to keep buildings–and the people who occupy them–healthy. Illness and infection can cost businesses big, and they disrupt our community, as kids miss school, parents miss work and we all miss out on productivity and living our lives. Having a commercial cleaning partner better positions our clients to keep their facilities open, their people at work and their kids in schools. 

Pre-COVID, the Spruce team was diligent and process-oriented when it came to the professional services we offered–and the pandemic has even made us more dedicated to our policies and procedures. Working with schools, hospitals, long-care facilities, retail outlets, daycares and other commercial spaces where people congregate, work, play and live, we’ve always taken pride in the work we do to keep others safe and healthy. It’s a lot of responsibility and we’re up to the task. Furthermore, if the clients we serve are under CDC, OSHA or other regulatory parameters, we can help document their building’s compliance. 

How Sprucers Keep Your Buildings Safe

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We’re the area’s experts when it comes to disinfecting services for clients with high-traffic buildings with high-touch surface areas. Such high-touch-point surfaces not only collect pathogens, but they also collect unwanted dirt and grime. Therefore, a one-and-done sweepthrough is not going to keep these areas safe nor help curb the spread of viruses or bacteria. At Spruce, we work with our clients to discuss the appropriate frequency of services required to keep their facilities open and functioning at their healthiest. 

Whether infection has triggered the need for a COVID response or you are being proactive to prevent a potential outbreak, Spruce promises a thorough, detailed, hospital-grade cleaning process when we partner with you in supporting your building’s health.

1st – We’ll communicate openly with you to understand your cleanliness goals. If we’ve worked together in the past, we can review those agreements, what was performed and have a conversation about how to engage, and how to do so quickly, if you have some immediate needs. 

2nd – During our initial response, we’ll spray down the entire facility using our top- of-the-line, Clorox 360 Electrostatic System, which is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 seconds and is registered to kill 44 organisms including Coronavirus, MRSA, Norovirus, and cold and flu viruses in 2 minutes or less. This system saves time and money when compared to other disinfectant systems, as The Clorox 360 can disinfect up to 150 square feet of space per minute and save up to 65% on disinfectant solutions. 

3rd – After ensuring we’ve thoroughly covered all necessary areas and high-touch surfaces with disinfectant, we will physically wipe down all high-touch areas, removing unwanted grime, dirt, pathogens and everything else trying to stand in our way of complete disinfection. 

4th – We’ll provide a follow-up based on any compliance needs or simply ensuring peace-of-mind by completing testing, supplying a cleanliness report and scheduling other appropriate ongoing services. 

Together We Can Bring (and Keep) Our Community Together

Outbreaks (coronavirus and otherwise) cause unwanted and sometimes unnecessary disruptions in school, in work and in life. We’re happy to help protect your facilities from outbreak by maintaining the highest level of health and safety. And, in the event your building has experienced an outbreak and is in need of an immediate response, our team can typically make a plan and physically be at your building providing professional disinfection services within 24 hours.