Spruce Full-service Building Engineering Offerings

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Facility Compliance Maintenance & Engineering

At Spruce, we have a team of qualified engineers so we can offer our clients the absolute best way to ensure code compliance. Different industries and different building types come with different codes and regulations they must follow to be in compliance, or they face fines, closures and other penalties. Our trained, highly qualified building engineers are experts in these regulatory codes and helping keep our clients’ building compliant throughout the year. In doing so, our team helps our clients maintain healthy buildings operating at their most efficient, which can help increase building performance and lower operating costs. 

If your facility needs this type of professional care and your compliances must be met, Spruce is here to ensure that happens with consistency. While you focus on your business, our professional building engineers are behind the scenes making sure you, your staff, and your visitors are surrounded by a safe, clean, and controlled environment to make that possible.

These services can range from routine to complex, as every building is custom. Spruce would be happy to talk through services along the lines of “Building Compliance,” “Site Compliance Consulting,” “Property Accreditation Services,” “Facility Maintenance and Services,” “Building Equipment Testing,” and “Building Life Safety Testing and Compliance.” These are just a selection of the services that can be involved with our building engineering offerings. 

Spruce Helps Keep Your Building Healthy and Safe

Our experienced Sprucers work inside (and outside) your building to ensure your building meets compliance and company standards. From safety testing and checking fire alarms and emergency plans to making sure your building HVAC system is maintained, we’re here for your building, your business, and for the people who step a foot inside. Here’s some of the key areas we specialize:

  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Compliance Support (HCAHPS, CIHQ, CMS)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Managed Facility Services
  • Safety Testing (Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression Systems, Emergency Exit Plans, Backup Generators)

Partner With Spruce For Your Building’s Engineering and Ongoing Maintenance Needs

Spruce is here to help … to keep your building and all who visit it healthy. Partner with Spruce and we’ll put your needs first, always operating with health and safety in mind.