The See App: Spruce’s Digital Capabilities and Solutions

The See App

At Spruce, the focus of keeping our community safe through our expert cleaning services and ensuring each of our clients and their buildings are well taken care of are our top priorities. With many clients all over northern Nevada and Sprucers traveling from one job site to another, efficiency was key, so we took our efficiency efforts to the next level–an app designed specifically for the needs of Spruce. 

Why Spruce Needed An App

As a team rooted in efficiency and safety, Spruce knew there had to be a better way to manage the day to day operations between Sprucers and supervisors and among client communication. So Spruce went to Appivo, an app development company, to design a solution.

Spruce had three main goals when it came to what we needed this app to do:

  1. To reduce paperwork and make the day to day management at Spruce easier, we needed the app to have efficient communication capabilities.
  2. The app needed to play a significant role in streamlining efficiency from management to Sprucer to client. 
  3. And it needed to make working with Spruce (and at Spruce) an all around easier experience!

So Appivo set out to develop an app that fit our needs.

See Mobile App

For Sprucers and Supervisors

Originally, the app was developed for the Sprucers and supervisors to better communicate, keep track of work, and schedule days and times for Sprucers. What we were looking for was a digital platform that:

  • Allowed our Sprucers to clock in and clock out of work at their job sites
  • Could schedule Sprucers to different job sites around the northern Nevada region
  • Had geo-fencing capabilities that would allow management to supervise when a Sprucer was on site and when they were finished working and headed out

Additionally, the geo-fencing capabilities helped avoid ‘time card’ mistakes. If a Sprucer forgot to clock in when they arrived on site, a supervisor could go into the app and see what time that Sprucer arrived on site and could appropriately time their shift. Or if a Sprucer forgot to clock out when leaving for the night, the same capabilities are possible. 

We like to call the relationship the app allows Sprucers and supervisors to have “trust but verify”, meaning that we have the capability to gain trust with our Sprucers and verify that trust with geo-fencing within the app. 

Our Recently Added Feature: The Client Portal 

The latest feature we’ve added to the See App is a Client Portal. This Client Portal is not only great for our clients to have access to everything Spruce and our Sprucers, but it makes holding our team accountable and ensuring our clients are happy with our Sprucer’s work that much easier.

The new Client Portal of the See App has two main functions; safety and communication. 

Safety Features of the See App:

  • Clients can login and see who should be in their building that day, and at what times. This allows our clients to always be informed what Sprucer is onsite, along with their name, information, and a photo of the Sprucer.
  • If there is ever an emergency onsite that a Sprucer needs to address, clients can contact their Sprucer through the app.
  • Additionally, if there is an emergency in the building where our clients need to account for everyone in the building, they’re able to easily account for the Sprucer they know is onsite.
  • The safety features of this app are especially important for establishments like schools, government buildings, and hospitals that are concerned with extra security within their buildings.

Communication Features in the See App:

  • Clients are able to put in special requests to our Sprucers. For example, a client can request for their Sprucer to skip a room in their building if the room shouldn’t be entered on a certain day.
  • Confirmation of areas needing additional attention can also be requested. If a large spill occurred in a given area, the client can request for their Sprucer to thoroughly clean that spill.
  • These communication features also take away the discomfort of clients communicating directly with building contractors, and also allow for ease of communication at any time.

Since adding the Client Portal to See App, we’ve seen an increase in client satisfaction and, of course, better communication from management to Spruce to client.

Partner With Spruce For Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Above all else, Spruce is here to clean for safety and operate for safety, the See App allows for those to be possible. We always want to ensure the security of our Sprucers and of our clients and their facilities, and of course the safety of our community through our expertise in cleaning.

Partner with Spruce to handle all of your commercial cleaning needs, and never put the security of your building, your assets, or the people within your building at risk.